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Precison moulds of unscrew mould

Tips Detail explain:
1)2316 steel from German
1, Hardness: HRC45-48
2, HBS<=235
3.Surface:black or polish
4.Technique:hot rolled or Forged
2316 plastic mould steel characters:
1 medical carbon high chrome martensite shape stainless steel
2 high purity good performance of high mirror polish,anti-acid, anti-rust after heat treatment
3 good corrosion resistance
4 resistance for erosive attack,good stability
2) S136 steel from Sweden win hundred, Japanese Datong
1. Hardness: HRC45-48
2. Annealing: 215HB
S136 plastic mould steel characters:
1. Belong to medial carbon high chrome Martensite shape stainless steel
2. High purity , good performance of high mirror polishing, anti-acid, anti-rust after heat- treatment
3. Good corrosion resistance
4. Resistance for erosive attack
5. Low deformation rate
6. Good stability
Hot runner
Chinese or internatinal famous brand hot runner systems.Hot runner or cold runner with good cooling runner system is designed and made by ourselves, it can achieve ideal and prompt heating effect for plastic production, cavity with lower injection pressure to reduce wear and tear of mould parts
Heating system
with double heating system, it has separate temperature control mode ,the heat bar are used to heat hot-runner mainfold , small heaters supply the heating temperature for cavity nozzle continuously.
Cooling system
each parts including core ,cavity has independently cooling system.
Heating treatment
mechanical treatment cavity and core to prolong service life ,nitrogen treatment with neck screw. with fitly operation ,guarantee Long using life over 2.0 million times of injection cycle.
Advanced Testing and Processing Equipment
Many machine tools are imported from America and Japan, such as Machine center, CNC lathers, EDM and so on. All of these increases processing precision, good interchangeability
Note tips:
1. when you stop producing or remove the mould, please paint antirust paint on cavity, thread mouth, core to prevent mould sweat and corrosion.
2. If the mould is unuse,you can put it to dry place and paint anticorrosive oil on outer to Prevent moisture.for next time use.
Special satisfied service
1.we will send the weekly mould process report and tooling schedule each 5-10 work days.
2. we will send the first testing sample for buyer's inspection and work out improvement requirements.
3. we will send the mould testing video before shipment

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