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Plastic injection mould for massage foot bath machine

Basic information:
1. Mould type: normal mould, hot runner mould and air assistance mould.
2. Injection type: pin point, tunnel, edge, fan and sprue gate.
3. Mould materials: 45#, P20, 718, 718H, 2738, 2316, S136 (We can also select the materials according to customers' requirements.)
4. Features of mould: high accuracy and durable.
5. Cooling system: recirculating
6. Machining: advanced CNC, EDM wire-cutting, milling machine, grinding machine, lathe and so on.
7. Mould life: 100,000 -10,000,000 shots
8. Post-processing: nitriding. Nitriding should be carried out to get high surface hardness and wear resistance. It can lead to small deformation. The nitriding temperature should be low.
9. Processing capacity: mold design, mold making and plastic injection molding.
10. Application: home appliances, commodities and so on.
11. Surface treatment: mirror polish.
12. Configuration of parts: insert, guide post, guide sleeve, slide, slide set, lifter block, etc. adopt wear-resistant standard parts to improve the service life of the mould.

Selection of mould material:
The selection of material of plastic injection mould for massage foot bath machine is of utmost importance due to the characteristics of the massage foot bath machine require. The surface requirement of massage foot bath machine is very high. It should be equipped with bright luminosity. In general, pre-hardened acid proof steels, such as 2316, M340 can be selected. The corrosion resistance and polishability of the two materials are extremely excellent. It is very easy to achieve the effect of mirror polish. The hardness can achieve 52HRC after quenching. The wear resistance of them is relatively high. In addition, we can apply the materials according to customers' requirements.

Design of the mould structure:
We have employed a lot of professional designers to help you design the most satisfying and reasonable mould structure in order to achieve the shortest production cycle and reduce unnecessary thread after processing procedures so as to improve the production efficiency.

For further information about our plastic injection mould, please feel free to contact us. Your inquiries are highly appreciated. We will serve you with our honesty, integrity and professionality.

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