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plastic mould/multi cavity point gate mould/plastic moulding

We are a professional plastic mold and injection moulding parts manufacturer.Our service includes:
1)Mould: Manifold types of mould   
2)Product: mould for home appliances, auto parts, electronic components, tools, toys, telecommunication, etc.
3)Various product molding, assembly process and accessory machining.  Deep process and exact CNC process. Polishing, stamping, plating and assemble finish product etc.

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:  Hongchao
Mould type:  multi cavity Point gate mould for small plastic parts
Product Material:P20.718.S136.H13.2738.NAK80.etc
Mould base:  LKM,HASCO,etc
Moulding Material:ABS.PP.PE.PC.PS.AS.PMMA.PA66+GF.
Runner Spec:     YUDO.MASTER.SYNVENTIVE.etc.
Surface Treatment:Polish.Etched.Texture.etc
mould cavity:  single/multi cavity
Mould lifetime:  500,000-1,000,000shots available
Runner type:  hot/cold runner
We can ensure customer:
1. We can provide you stable quality, faster delivery and clear communications.
2. Our project manager can speak very good English.
3. We devote to be your one-stop solution shop.
4. We can handle different size and type products.
5. We have a very good attitude before our clients, we stay on our promises every moment.
6. Our engineers can help you save money.
7. We can provide steel and hardness certificate to clients, we have very good quality system.
8. We have injection machines from 35 tons to 1800 tons.
9. We have high-speed CNC machine centers.
10. We can offer 2D/3D mould design and mould flow analysis.

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