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medical plastic parts/point gate mould/injection mould

Hongchao mould is a professional injection mould manufacturer in China mould industry, we provide moulds in various types such as electronics mould, home appliance mould, automotive mould, medical equipment mould, power tool mould, etc. The moulds made by us can be classified into: two plate mould, three plate mould, point gate mould, hot runner mould, over mould, stack mould, unscrew mould, etc. We can supply either the mould or the final plastic products base on customer's requirement.
Our professional mould inspection team: check every process of production to ensure every process quality, if there is problem, they will can detect it early and in time, and correct it.Professional injection engineer: according to customer production requirement and condition, seriously debug stable injection parameter and qualified sample, and make detail record, then provide it to customer for reference.

Mold making procedure:
1. Customer provides 2D drawing, 3D drawing or samples.
2. To discuss the product function, the shape, material, and other demands between customers and our engineers.
3. According the information, to process choosing plastic and mold material, mold making process, and quotation.
4. If quotation is ok and confirmed, we will do product and mold 3D drawing modification, and injection mold flow analyze.
5. We will send 3D drawing to customers to do final confirmation.
6. If there is any question, to modify the drawing and confirm again.
7. Drawing Checking is ok. We will test plastic moulding with custom resin.
8. After samples making, we will process product confirmation and function testing.
9. Sample checking is ok, and we will process preparing material and mold making processing.
10. If sample is not necessary, we will process preparing material and mold making processing.
11. Mold making process, Planer/Shaper, Milling, Grinding, Drilling, CNC Milling, Texts, EDM, Lathe, Polish, Heat treatment, Cr. Coating , Texture, Mold assembly.
12. After mold finished, we will process injection testing.
13. If the situation is not good for injection, we will modify on problems.
14. After modifying, we will test again.
15. Testing is ok. Customers confirm the final samples. We will produce by mass production.
16. After mass production, we will process product assembly and packing.
17. Shipment.

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