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over mould for toy parts

The application of over mould has drastically changed the aesthetics, design, and functionality of consumer products over the last decade. It is increasingly finding its way into the medical market as device makers realize its potential benefits. Although known for creating texture, commonly called soft touch, the process offers much more, including ergonomics, two-color aesthetics, brand identification, and property modification. This process of plastic moulding can add functionality to a product and increase a product’s value.

Mold Specification:
1. Mould material: NAK80,718H,2344,2316,S136,etc(custom); mould base: #45.LKM, HASCO DME (custom)
2. Process ways:Injection molding, Insert molding, Over molding.
3. Runner system Hot/Cold runner, Submarine gate, Sprue gate, Pin point gate. ;
4. Injection Machine Type; 90T, 120T
5. Product Material: ABS, PP, PC, TPU, PA66, PMMA, etc
6. Mould life: 500,000 shots to 1000,000 shots
7. Cavity:multi cavitiy
8. Design software: Choose UG for 3D design, AutoCAD for 2D drawing, mould flow for runner analyze 
9. Usual Delivery time: 30days and depending to the complexity of moulds structure
10. Usual Injection cycle time: 40 Seconds 
11. FOB Shenzhen in wooden box;
12. Payment: T/T, 30% Deposit with PO released.

Company advantages:

H.C mould is a professional injection mouldmanufacturer of Dongguan mould industry, we provide moulds in various types such as electronics mould, home appliance mould, automotive mould, medical equipment mould, power tool mould, etc. We can supply either the mould or the final plastic products base on customer's requirement.
Professional mould inspection team: check every process of production to ensure every process quality, if there is problem, they will can detect it early and in time, and correct it.
Professional injection engineer: according to customer production requirement and condition, seriously debug stable injection parameter and qualified sample, and make detail record, then provide it to customer for reference.

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