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cosmetic plastic parts/hot runner mould/precision injection mould

Product Description:
Hot runner mould for cosmetic plastic parts
Hongchao mould specializes in injection mould for PET performs. With our experienced mould designer techinicans which is capable of manufacturing the perform molds with one cavity to seventy-two cavities including the injection system. At the same time we can manufacture perform molds especially according to customers' injection molding machines.
A. Mould Features:
1. No cutting of valve gate is employed to reduce the labor cost.
2. Advanced hot runner system assures steady production of preform moulding.
3. Reasonable designed cooling channels will enhance cooling effect and shorten the cycle time.
B. Material:
1. The main components of perform molds are made of S136 material.
2. The mold base is made of imported P20. Plate method avoids corrosion efficaciously and assures long life service of the perform molds.

Hongchao mould welcome you to send your inquiries with details and visit our factory to negotiate more details.

Pre-production proposal:We offer professional & practical solution for your investment
Mould process report :Weekly report, mould trial video and samples for your checking
Mould design approval:2D/3D mould drawing & mould manufacturing schedule for customer’s approval
Quality Written warranty: Steel cetificate, mould trial report, parts measuring report, operating instructions, maintenance specifications
Spare parts: wearing spare parts provided
After service support: Provided

Advantage Skilled Language to ensure good communion
Special in exported mould,experienced in international standard
Rational mould design to extend mould life,and to get high production efficiency,
Precision Machining to fine parting line effect
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