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Mould Specification:
Product Name: hot runner mould for furniture parts
Core&Cavity Steel: P20, 718, 2311, 2316, 2344, 2738, H13, NAK80(custom) mould base: LKM, HASCO DME (custom)
Mould Standard :All of the components used DME metric the small insert use beryllium bronze
Injection System: Side gate, pin point gate, sub gate, direct gate, etc
Product material: PP, PE, PC, PS, PVC, POM, PMMA, PA, TPR, TPE, ABS, etc
Mould life: 500,000-1000,000 shots
Surface Finish:  Can Be Texture, High Gloss Polishing
Cavity No.: single/multi cavity
Design software: Choose UG for 3D design, AutoCAD for 2D drawing, mould flow for runner analyze.
Usual Delivery time: 30days and depending to the complexity of molds structure
Mould packing: Standard wooden case

Our Advantage:
1. High quality
2. Reasonable price
3. On time delivery
4. Good After-sale service
5. Strict quality control
6. All the mould are automatic.

Offer you In-time response on letters, telephone calls or fax
In-time supply the quotation and mould designs
In-time communication on the technical points
In-time sending pictures for the mould machining progress and mould finishing schedule
In-time mould test and sample delivery
In-time mould delivery.

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