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auto parts injection/hot runner nozzle/Pneumatic valve gate type

Mould Specification:
Mould type: Hot runner mould for auto parts injection moulding
Material for Mould Core & Cavity: 2316 Steel From Sweden
Material for Neck Ring: 2316 Steel From Sweden
Mould Base: P20 Steel
Nozzle Heater:  Hotset
Nozzle Insulator: Dupont
Application: For Producing Pet Preforms
Plastic Material: ABS, PP, PET, PC, PA66, PBT+GF30%...etc.
Mould life: 500,000-1000,000 shots
Surface Finish:  Can Be Texture, High Gloss Polishing
Cavity No.: single/multi cavity
Design software: Choose UG for 3D design, AutoCAD for 2D drawing, mould flow for runner analyze.
Cavity to Cavity Weight Tolerance: ±0.15grams

We are one of the professional suppliers of equipment and services to the global PET preform molding industry bringing more than 10 years of experience with single-source solutions to produce PET preforms with the highest productivity. We offer preform injection molding machines, preform injection molds, preform design and development, factory planning, along with a comprehensive global sales support network.
We provide turnkey solutions for the widest range of PET preform applications and production volumes. Our PET preform injection molding machines and preform moulds are the most productive in the industry, delivering high quality preforms with the fastest cycles, high uptimes and low scrap rates.
Our PET Series injection molding machine with preform mould is an efficient, affordable solution for lower volume preform production offering exceptional value with absolutely no compromise in quality. With a demonstrated commitment to the PET packaging market, we are the long-term, single-source business partner for PET preform molders.
We are committed to supporting our customers in growing their business. Whether it involves bringing the best new preform technologies to market, offering complete turnkey solutions or promoting environmental sustainability through lightweighting, we have the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure to help our PET preform customers succeed.

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