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Car interior lamp injection mould

 Car interior lamp injection mould refers to the mould used for manufacturing car interior lamp.
Basic information:
1. Mould type: hot runner mould
2. Mould materials: P20, T10A, SKD11, 718H, H13 and so on. These steels should be prehardened to more than 30HRC. We can also select the materials according to customers' requirements.
3. Cooling system: Optimized design of water recycling is conducive to improve production efficiency and reduce the costs.
4. Machining equipment: machining center, engraving, EDM, wire cutting, drilling, milling, etc.
5. Preliminary heat treatment: Quenching can be carried out according to customers' demands. The hardness can achieve 55HRC at least.
6. Intermediate heat treatment: Quenching and tempering helps to improve the hardness.
7. post processing: Vacuum ion nitriding. The temperature of vacuum ion nitriding should be low. The deformation of the mold after vacuum ion nitriding is small, and the hardness is high.
8. Mould life: In general, the service life of the mould is 500000 shots at least.
9. Mould-making process: Drawing inspecting---Materials preparation---Processing---Moldbase processing---Mold core processing---Electrode machining---Mold parts processing---Inspection---Assembly---Mold spotting---Tryout---Production.
10. Trade term: FOB shenzhen
11. Payment term: T/T, 30% for deposit, balance paid before shipping.

Design of the mould structure:
We have employed a lot of professional designers to help you design the most satisfying and reasonable mould structure in order to achieve the shortest production cycle and reduce unnecessary thread after processing procedures so as to improve the production efficiency.

Hongchao Mould & Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to manufacturing all kinds of molds according to customers' needs, such as point gate mould, over mould, stack mould, unscrew mould and so on. We can provide the most satisfying mould and design to meet customers' requirements. For further information about our plastic injection mould, please feel free to contact us. Your inquiries are highly appreciated. We will serve you with our honesty, integrity and professionality.

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