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2K mould for plastic cap

H.C mould is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of injection mould, we provide moulds in various types such as electronics mould, home appliance mould, automotive mould, medical equipment mould, power tool mould, etc. We can supply either the mould or the final plastic products base on customer's requirement.

Mold Specification:
1. Mould material: P20, H13, 718, 2738, NAK80, S136, SKD61(custom); mould base: LKM, HASCO DME (custom)
2. Mold Standard :All of the components used DME metric the small insert use beryllium bronze
3. Mould gate way: point gate  (custom)
4. Mold Size:350*500*400
5. Plastic Material: ABS+TPE
6. Mould life: 500, 000 shots to 1000, 000 shots
7. Cavity No.:4+4 cavities
8. Design software: Choose UG for 3D design, AutoCAD for 2D drawing, mould flow for runner analyze (We support customer R& D. Make the drawing or improve the design if you needed.)
9. Usual Delivery time: 30days and depending to the complexity of molds structure
10. Usual Injection cycle time: 40 Seconds
11. Intensive cooling system, optimal air venting, shining Polish, advanced mould design, easy operate 
12. We send mold design for customer approval before making mold. And send samples to customer for confirmation before go forward, If the first sample come out is not satisfied, we modify the mold until meet customers satisfactory.
13.Mould packing: Standard wooden case
14. FOB Shenzhen
15. Payment: T/T, 30% Deposit with PO,
16. After the order is issued a weekly mold process report for each mold will be sent by the project engineer to customers. So that the customers know about the progress of mold manufacturing at any time.
17. We will not start the manufacturing until customers approve mold drawings and part drawings.
16. After customers approve the samples we can help in arranging the shipping or customers arrange the shipping by themselves.
18. Before shipping for each mold we will provide a video in complete automatic operation, 2D&3D mold drawings, 2D&3D drawings for electrodes, Process sheets to customers.

2K mould applies the process of feeding two different materials into one mould.The material should make contact with each other but should not flow into. In other words, the resulting composites may be permanent or it may be possible to move the individual components separately. 2K injection moulding technology is ideal for using the same material in different colours or two different materials in the same or in different colours.

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