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 Most Quality issues can be resolved by monitoring and controlling variation in the process. One must first identify where the variation is occurring and then determine what is causing it. Listed below are some common places in the manufacturing process where variation may occur and possible cause for process variation.
1. Measurement Error (Machine or Equipment) - Measurement method and equipment selected are not capable of reproducing consistent measurements.
2. Core/Cavity sizing - Mold dimensions may vary from cavity to cavity.
3. Process variation inherent to the mold design - Improper cooling may not allow the mold to maintain a certain temperature therefore affecting the flow of plastic into the mold.
4. Process variation caused by molding press - Machine controls may not be sufficient to maintain a consistent plastic melt temperature therefore affecting the flow of plastic into the mold.
5. Resin - Viscosity of plastic resin may vary from lot to lot enough that it will affect the part. This is more common when using regrind or wide spec. material.
6. Process variation created during value added operations – Parts when handled multiple times throughout the manufacturing process can sometimes cause unexpected results.

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