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What will thermal conductivity do to mould quality

Many moulders know that the production rate of an injection mould depends mostly on the ability of the mould to transfer the heat from the moulded plastic to the cooling medium.

In a highly alloyed steel the coefficient of thermal conductivity is reduced to some degree compared to a low alloyed steel. However, investigations clearly indicate that it is the plastic in the moulded part that dominates the heat flux in a mould due to its very low thermal conductivity compared to steel.

However, good corrosion resistance is of much greater importance when aiming for a high and uniform production rate. This has a beneficial effect on the resultant heat transfer properties in the cooling channels.When mould materials with good corrosion resistance, combined with very high thermal conductivity are required, we can supply several grades of copper mould alloys. This kind of mould design will matters greatly on the plastic products with high surface requirements.

Moldmax HH and Moldmax XL are high-strength grades with high thermal conductivity, good corrosion and wear resistance and good polishability. Protherm is a moderate strength grade that offers even higher thermal conductivity for maximum heat transfer effect.

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