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Few tips for preventing injection mould from corrosion

As one of the most important parts inside an injection mould, the surfaces for plastic moulding should not deteriorate during plastic moulding production if you want to produce plastic mouldings at a high andconstant rate of production and at a uniform level. Corrosion with a consequent threat to production efficiency can be experienced in several ways.
Certain types of plastics can emit corrosive by-products during production. An example is the hydrochloric acid produced from PVC. This effect can be minimized by not exceeding the recommended moulding temperature for this material, usually about 160°C (320°F).
The cooling medium can be corrosive.This can result in a loss of cooling efficiency or even in the total blockage of the cooling channels.
Productions in a humid or corrosive atmosphere or prolonged storage may cause surface damage by water, condensation and
eventually rust in the cavities with loss of surface finish on the products.
All the problems mentioned above create an urgent demand for insert and holder materials with some degree of resistance to corrosion, especially for the moulds which work under critical atmosphere, for example hot runner mould.
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