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How many factors will influence mould wear resistance level

The level of wear resistance demanded will be depend on the type of resins to be used, the plastic moulding environment, the filling agent, amount and proportion of additives, length of production run, tolerances etc.
Mould steels cover a wide range of wear resistance and compressive strength. In principle, they fall into two categories: prehardened mould steels for moderate demands, and through-hardening mould steels for severe demands. Prehardened mould steels can be surface treated to obtain greater wear resistance, for instance, by nitriding. However, through-hardened steels give the best combination of wear resistance and compressive strength. The wear resistance of fully hardened steels can be further improved by surface treatment or surface coating, such as nitriding, hard chromium plating etc.
Such surface treatments are preferably applied only after the mould has been fully approved, since further machining can be difficult.It should be noted that the corrosion resistance of Stavax ESR, Stavax Supreme,Polmax, Corrax and Elmax is reduced by nitriding.
The powder metallurgy grades, Elmax, Vanadis 4, Vanadis 6 and Vanadis 10, are extremely wear-resistant. They are recommended for small plastic moulds, inserts and cores subjected to abrasive wear.
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