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How to use corrosion resistant mould steels

If an injection mould is likely to be exposed to a corrosion risk, then a stainless steel is strongly recommended. The increased initial cost of stainless steel is often less than the cost involved in a single repolishing or replating operation of a mould from conventional stainless steel.
As is known that plastic moulds can be affected by corrosion in several ways:
(1)The raw materials can produce corrosive by-products during the plastic moulding, e.g. PVC.
(2)Corrosion leads to reduced cooling efficiency when water channels become corroded or completely blocked.
(3)And, of course, condensation caused by prolonged production stoppages, humid operating or storage conditions, often leads to corrosion.
Stavax ESR and Stavax Supreme, are corrosion resistant mould steels offering excellent polishability combined with
good wear and indentation resistance. Stavax Supreme is developed to meet the increased requirements on good toughness and through hardenability in larger sections.
Polmax is also a corrosion resistant mould steel specially developed to meet the high demands on polishability from
producers of such high-tech products as CDs, memory discs and lenses. Elmax, finally, is a powder-metallurgy mould steel with high wear and corrosion resistance.
Corrax is a precipitation hardening mould steel with un-matched corrosion resistance, easy heat treatment and good weldability.
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