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Advancements in Taper Cutting

Most Wire EDM’s are equipped with a programmable "Z" axis giving precise control of the upper guide assembly to ensure accurate tapers. The rigid U and V axis is positioned away from the work area to avoid moisture, contamination and deflection from the high pressure flush. These axes provide movement to the top portion of the wire to produce taper angles of up to +/- 30 degrees. Both conical and oblique cylindrical radii can be programmed, and the size of the top and bottom radii of the part can also be programmed.
Tapering values can be changed within the program. This is useful for injection mold applications or form tools that have different side and frontal taper relief angles. Die blocks are normally machined first with their taper relief, then straight cut for their die land.
The machine control knows where the upper and lower guide are in relation to the worktable. The amount of taper angle, and direction the wire is tilted in relation to the program path is in the program. The operator only needs to input where the taper should intercept the workpiece in relation to the work table surface.
For small production runs, the plastic parts are made by cutting laminated stacks of material, this is also great for cutting prototype parts. Independent programming of the U & V axes is for workpieces that have a different shape on the top and bottom. The independent, simultaneous movement of all four axes (X, Y, U, V) makes machining extrusion dies, airfoil shapes.
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