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Brief introduction for qutomatic wire threading

     The demand for automatic wire threading and dependent reliability has been met with new and improved designs. As one of the most important process of plastic mould manufacturing, this feature allows multiple openings to be cut in die blocks, progressive dies, production, and prototype workpieces automatically and unattended without the intervention of an operator, resulting in higher productivity. With the addition of the programmable "Z" axis, workpieces of different thickness, can also be machined. For example, the die openings and dowel pin holes can be machined on a one inch thick die block, then the machine can be programmed to move to another location and machine the punches on a two or three inch thick workpiece.
     Cutting and threading of the wire are controlled by codes in the program. If there is a wire break during machining, the machine returns to the start point of that opening, re-threads the wire and move through the program path to the position where it broke, powers up, and continues cutting as if the wire had never broken. Some EDM’s can also rethread the wire through the slot. The threading process of the automatic wire threader takes place automatically if there is a broken wire or by a command in the program. In a wire break situation, the end of the wire is clamped while the supply wire is drawn back, annealing and separating the wire, while leaving a sharp point on the end of the supply wire. The wire tip segment that was clamped is disposed of in a wire tip disposal unit. The supply wire is then directed into the lower guide. The wire then proceeds to the back of the machine where it is discarded in a scrap wire bin. AWT offers the ability to cut multiple openings in a workpiece without operator intervention. And the small parts in plastic moulding is usually with multiple openings or even several jobs are cut overnight while many jobs can be cut over the weekend without operator intervention.

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