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Company Profile

   In short, Hong Chao Mould Technology Co., Ltd. is both a professional mold maker and molder in the famous town--Tangxia, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province in China.
   We provide an extensive integrated operational ability from design to production of molds 100% by ourselves.
Hongchao is a professional manufacturer of plastic injection mould, mainly including electronics mould, home appliance mould, automotive mould, medical equipment mould, power tool mould, etc. We can provide molds with different structures:2 plate mold, 3 plate mold, hot runner mold, 2K mold,over mold, stack mold, unscrew mold etc. We can not only supply the mould but also the final plastic products to meet all customers requirement. 

Corporate Culture

    Dongguan Hongchao mold & technology co., LTD., is committed to providing the highest cost performance mold and finding the solution for mold defect.  For all products we can provide material certificate of origin! Choosing Hongchao allows you to enjoy the subsequent carefree!
    Our company tenet: first-class quality and service to the brand! Determine to be a professional server for plastic manufacturing.
     Quanlity policy: carry forward the spirit of quality, build a perfect quality management system, and put the quality of strategy throughout each company details.
     Environmental policy: abide by the laws and regulations, reduce waste and pollution, improve continuously, keep environmental.
     Company values: honesty, morally, use our reputation to gain each trust!

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Address: Tangxia Town, Dongguan city, the 16th, new Sun City Tel: 0769-85337367 fax: 0769-85337367

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